Monday, November 17, 2008

girl time

on saturday, my friends dragged me to the avila pier for pier day. we got to see some ocean critters and smell the salty air. it was great to just hang out and be girls. we all have such busy schedules that when the five of us all get to hang out, it is pretty rare. i love the beach, and it was so fun getting my toes sandy; the beach always puts me in a good mood! for the rest of the day we went to the grocery store, made gingerbread houses, and played jenga (don't ask me why). it was a good time just to catch up and have fun!

on sunday, i went to church, and the pastor was talking about having joy and praising God through your suffering. while i am not suffering right now because life is pretty good, it was still very powerful. i had lunch with a bunch of church friends after, which was a lot of fun. then i went to the pool and did tai bo! now my arms hurt, but i feel very productive. overall, it was a nice, relaxing weekend and exactly what i needed before a long week.

Friday, November 14, 2008

catching up

ok, so i am officailly horrible at keeping up with this. but i will try harder. yesterday, i woke up early (you should be sitting down) and went swimming. after 100 yards, i was tired and out of breath. pathetic. i was on the swim team in high school and i really loved it, and i miss it, so hopefully i will contiue this tradition of slowly floating (can't really call it swimming yet, i am too out of shape) up and down the pool until my muscles can't stand it anymore.

i seem to be in this situation a lot in my life. i know i will feel so much better after swimming, and i did; i was in a great mood for the rest of the day, yet i hate the sound of the alarm and conteplate just going back to sleep. i have homework to do, yet i would rather just put it off until the night before even though i know i will be stressed and not do it to the best of my ability (i have been getting better at this though). i know there is no way i can make it through life without relying on God to bring through the highs and lows, and whenever i have quiet time, i am so much closer with the Lord, and i have this joy that can only come from spending time with God. and still, if i have quiet time 4 times a week, that's good. on a smaller scale, i have also just been bad at keeping up with this blog. clearly self discipline is something i'm going to have to ask God to help me with.

as for this weekend, last night i went to the midnight openeing of james bond (didn't understand the plot, but his eyes are gorgeous). i then had class at 8 this morning (yay for 4 hours of sleep), and i am going to a gingerbread house making party tomorrow. as for the rest of the weekend, i will be doing homework and catching up on grey's anatomy, private practice, and the office during my breaks.

lastly, i don't know if you have heard about the fire at westmont, but already 170 houses have been burned down, as well as buildings on campus. please pray for safety and that the firefighters can put it out quickly.

if you have read this all the way to the end, you get a star! i will (hopefully) write again soon.