Tuesday, November 29, 2011

a quick break.

so my last dead week is upon us. on schedule, my heart feels like it has an elephant sitting on it. but i know it will all get done and i will be done with college FINALLY!

i am in the process of making a wreath, i hope it turns out nice. when i finish and IF i like it, i might post a picture of it.

my brother is in town for a few days and it's really nice to have him around. i just saw my whole family this weekend, but it is different hanging with my family members one-on-one than it is to hang out with them all together. i feel like i get a better insight into their lives when they are alone, especially paul. we rented super 8, ate at panera, the habit, jamba, and taco roco. us dlr's are nothing if not good eaters. having paul here reminds me that i can still be close to my brothers even when we are far away. i think i am starting to accept that our relationship is going to be different now [it has been for a while but i was just angry about it], but not everything has to change. we can still joke around and know exactly what we are talking about when commiserating about parents [they're amazing, but you know how it is sometimes]. i still know when he is lying and what kind of clothes he likes. we are becoming grown-up versions of ourselves, and now we are getting used to the grown-up version of our relationship. it's good.

i am making headway on christmas shopping, but will probably put that all on hold until my finals are over.

okay back to my text set assignment!

Friday, November 18, 2011

get down...

on friday! this weekend i have a spanish poem to write. i have entitled it "donde". very artisitic and mysterious, no? well that's as far as i've gotten, so that's all the info you're going to get on that for now ;)

also, i bought my CAP and GOWN! woo!!! i am seriously offically graduating!! it feels awesome.

this weekend will bring lots of relaxing with james, since he got called into work the other day at 2:30 in the morning and worked til 5pm. we're just going to watch movies, bake things, and not worry about anything.

i am currently realizing that freshmen are slightly self-centered and don't think of other people when they cancel important group meetings on campus for stupid reasons at the last minute [psych group freshies... i'm talkin to you]. although i'm sure i was never like that when i was a freshman [or now] ;) some of us do live off campus though, people.

at six we have a newly married couples group! this will be the first time, so we'll see how it goes!

that's about it going on around here... though applause is appreciated for writing twice in one week. happy weekend!

Monday, November 14, 2011

i'm out of touch.

hello from the dead! my excuses for not blogging are either that i have nothing to write about or too much to write about. the former was true for a while, and now the latter is true. so i'll try to keep this concise [ha].
  • this summer james and i decided i would graduate from cal poly this quarter and go back for my credential later. i was afraid to tell people this for fear that they would think i was copping out or tell me i am a failure. i am now trying to be honest and just tell people because i really do know this is the best decision for us at the moment. i am really excited to walk and have that diploma!
  • i have a potential job as a preschool teacher which would be so awesome! i am really hoping i get it.
  • this will be my first big holiday away from my family, which i am sad about, but it also means i get to spend thanksgiving with my husband [it's still weird sometimes] and his wonderful family, so for that i am extremely excited.
that's about all the big news for now... so i will end with some thankfulness since it's almost thanksgiving. i am thankful for the tiny apartment i share with my nice husband, figuring out marriage, knowing i do not have to be perfect [still working on that one], old friends who know me as well as they know themselves, girls' nights with new friends, target, and grace.