Monday, November 17, 2008

girl time

on saturday, my friends dragged me to the avila pier for pier day. we got to see some ocean critters and smell the salty air. it was great to just hang out and be girls. we all have such busy schedules that when the five of us all get to hang out, it is pretty rare. i love the beach, and it was so fun getting my toes sandy; the beach always puts me in a good mood! for the rest of the day we went to the grocery store, made gingerbread houses, and played jenga (don't ask me why). it was a good time just to catch up and have fun!

on sunday, i went to church, and the pastor was talking about having joy and praising God through your suffering. while i am not suffering right now because life is pretty good, it was still very powerful. i had lunch with a bunch of church friends after, which was a lot of fun. then i went to the pool and did tai bo! now my arms hurt, but i feel very productive. overall, it was a nice, relaxing weekend and exactly what i needed before a long week.

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Bailey said...

I loved our girl day!!!