Monday, April 20, 2009


i have not blogged for a while, and don't have anything specific to say, but i feel like i should say something. so here's a list:

1. it was 100 degrees today! i love heat, but not quite this much. no idea where this came from, it was freezing last week! but at least i can wear the new tank tops i got for my birthday...

2. i feel like i have so much to do! not in a school way, but just things with my summer plans and whatnot.

3. speaking of summer... i wasn't that excited about it because i won't really see any of my friends from school, but i've started getting excited for golden spoon, the beach, my prospective summer job, bonding with my brothers, and seeing my friends from home. and if that's where God wants me, then it's gonna be awesome no matter what.

4. i want to go to the beach! i need to tan.

5. i went to the pat little band concert on sunday night, and it was amazing! i was on such a high after that.

6. i have really been struck again by the significance of Christ's sacrifice for us, and it never ceases to amaze me. i never did anything close to be deserving of the love and grace he continually gives me, and i am just being struck again by how amazing God is. it's a good thing to remember.

7. the picture was taken at montana de oro a few weeks ago, and has nothing to do with this entry, i just liked it.

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