Wednesday, July 14, 2010


so last night was an extremely interesting one for our house. emily and i were in bed at 11, and we were both drifting off to sleep when someone started pounding on our door. and it got louder and harder and scarier and didn't stop for probably 5 minutes. we called the police, and the lady on the phone told us the police had just gotten there. so then we went out to the living room to see what the heck was happening and we saw a guy standing on our doorstep, and then we saw the police arrest him. after he had left, we went outside and a policeman told us he was extremely drunk and causing a huge scene, so then they chased after him and he ran to our house, apparently banging on the door in hopes that we would let him in and hide him from the police. luckily, our parents taught us well.

so after this incident, i was lying in bed trying to fall asleep [it wasn't working, how do you sleep after something like that?], and i just started thinking that that was the only time i had ever had to be semi afraid for my safety. i really believe God gave me a peace about the situation, and both emily and i kept level heads the whole time he was banging on our door, but i had never before thought that someone might actually be trying to hurt me.

this made me think of the millions of children in the world that do not have the same guarantee as i have had my whole life. the children that don't want to close their eyes to sleep because they are afraid of what they might find when they open them again. while this was a very mild incident, and both emily and i are totally fine [except for being momentarily freaked out], it was very eye opening for how some children live their whole lives. i feel like this has even further proved to me that God is calling me to work with disadvantaged children.

needless to say, we will be checking numerous times to make sure our front door is locked every night from now on.

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