Friday, April 15, 2011

cameron's vacation.

so unfortunately, when my mom visited, cameron decided my mom's car was very comfortable so he stowed away all the way back to my parents' house [is this making it sound like it's not my fault i left my expensive camera in a car that drove 2.5 hours away from me and will be unlikely to return it very soon? good.]

anyway, this is the reason i do not have any pictures.

in other news, james and i are registering tomorrow! i am ninety percent excited and ten percent nervous we might end up wrestling in the middle of bed bath and beyond over how many wine glasses we need or whether or not baby blue is a completely hideous shade for a towel [it is]. so say a prayer we will have patience and i will remember the snacks!

this has been a crazy week, with wedding stuff, but mostly with school stuff. i have been trying really hard to make school a priority and i think i have been doing a pretty good job of it, i was just very tired after this week. so on thursday, my roommates and i walked down to farmer's market and ran into bailey, who coincidentally needed a break as much [probably more] as we did. so we ate calzones with dr. pepper, watched kids dance in the street, and ate an extremely healthy brownie, strawberry, and whipped cream dessert. turns out it was exactly what we needed.

so there you have it. why there have been no pictures and why i am going crazy [like i wasn't before]. also, i have my ring back! yay. now to get some rest [it may help as i am struggling to NOT have a complete breakdown in the kitchen utensils aisle]. happy weekend!

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