Thursday, June 9, 2011


feel sorry for me yet? ;)

okay i was just in a debbie downer mood the other day.

i do have so much to do, but i think after tomorrow at 7 i feel feel much better, with my final done and summer in my hands.

i really have no reason to complain.

school is looking up, my family will be here tomorrow, and i have the summer to plan my wedding to the man of my dreams. i think i have just had a lot on my mind, but i need to just turn my attitude around.

i am so blessed, and this past weekend, i had my first bridal shower! it was thrown by the amazing caitlin and bailey. they really outdid themselves, and if i didn't know they liked me before, i definitely know now! i'll do another more detailed post on it later, but it was so wonderful, and i felt like the luckiest girl in the world.

so my apologies for being a stick in the mud lately, and i will be back soon to share some more upbeat details of my life.

to thankfulness!

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