Tuesday, July 19, 2011

mind vacay.

hello again my old friend! yes it has been too long, but oh well. i was in hawaii last week which was wonderful. it was full of sunscreen, noses full of salty water, walks on the beach with james, bad tv with matthew, discovering matthew snores like NO OTHER, missing paul, my hair turning into a monstrosity, various fruity alcoholic drinks [cause i can drink them now!], bare feet, and tan skin.

then i came back and was bombarded with stress at realizing how much i have to do [moms are great at reality checks, which is not so great]. my mind was def on vacay along with my body, and now i have a really long list of things to do. when i get stressed, my mind likes to bow out and ignore everything i have to do, which i know is not necessarily healthy. but i am feeling okay about everything now, and i am just reminding myself how much i have to look forward to with this wedding.

1. for starters, i get to keep james!!! he is my best friend and i am really and truly looking forward to grocery shopping, bickering over tv channels [oh wait, i think you need a tv to do that], decorating our house, chatting as we fall asleep, and just getting to call him my husband.

2. also, what other time in my life will all the people i love come together only for the purpose of celebrating me?? maybe my funeral, but that's lame since i won't get to actually be there... but i suppose i will have better things to do then [hey hey jesus!!!] so that's okay.

3. my dress [which, as i tell james, is a hot pink, turtleneck mini dress]!

4. cupcakes!

5. dancing!

6. my family!

7. burritos!

8. getting to share my and james' love for jesus and each other with everyone!

9. honeymoon!

and of course lots of others, but this is just to help convince myself we are better off doing this than eloping to some exotic, romantic foreign country. i usually convince myself of it when i am not stressed. but in the end, i know all i will remember is getting to share in such a special day with all the people i love, and that's all it is about. i know all that stress will melt away the second i see james' smile as i walk down the aisle.

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Ellen said...

i am so offended that you didn't even mention that you were going to see me later that day since you wrote that post on my bday! haha!! but that post was really cute, especially #2 lol. you are such a dork! but i love you! also, i have no plans this weekend because you said you were going to be free all weekend and now you are not free and i am sitting in my house by myself being sad without you! let's hangggg!!!