Saturday, December 6, 2008


i know it's been a week since thanksgiving, but i am finally getting around to putting up some pictures of it. for thanksgiving, my family and i drove up to my aunt and unles' house in castro valley (that's in the bay area). i wasn't really sad about not getting to home until sunday when i couldn't see my fam at church. i really miss them all, but i will be there in a week, so i think i can make it! it was really nice to see my parents and brothers, as well as all my extended family. we did the traditional thanksgiving dinner, and then on friday we all went into san fransisco which was lots of fun. i wouldn't say it was relaxing, however, because there were 16 of us in one house, and 7 of them were boys between the ages of 9 and 16. interesting, funny, crazy, but definitely not relaxing. i am really looking forward to going home so i can just relax with my family and have quality time with my brothers and parents.

one thing i was thankful for was friday night. my brothers and cousins were off somewhere playing video games or beating each other up or jumping off a cliff or something of the sort, and all the adults and i (i don't considere myself an adult even though i am almost twenty, it's just too weird) sat around the table and talked. my grandaparents and three of the their four kids, my dad being the second oldest, talked about when they were growing up and different memories. i love hearing aobut my parents when they were kids, and i had lots of fun learning about different kinds of trouble they caused. a few highlights: my dad shooting a firecracker through the kitchen window; my uncle picking up my aunt while riding his skateboard, resulting in her getting stitches and a scar on her chin which she still has to this day; my grandma tricking her kids into eating beef hearts by cutting them into little squares and calling them "square meats". I also got to hear how my grandparents met; it was so cute! fifty-five years later, and here they still are. love it. it is kind of a long story, and this entry is long enough already, so i will save it for another time.

for now, i just need to get through finals week, and am off to study now. then i have 3 fabulous weeks of family, disneyland, christmas, friends, and no school!

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