Monday, June 22, 2009


i always make goals for the summer and never do them. well, this year will be different, i am determined, and have already gotten off to a pretty good start. my goals for the summer are, in no particular order, as follows:

1. learn to sew.
2. go on bike rides [i have already been on two, both to golden spoon, both eventful. on the first one, ellen almost fainted, and i felt bad, but also good not stop laughing because i always laugh at inappropriate times. on the second one, i fell into a bush, resulting in me feeling both like a loser and a whimp, both of which i most likely am].
3. learn stick shift [my dad has already taken me out once, and by the end of the summer, i want to be able to go somewhere outside the high school parking lot. bonus if i don't stall].
4. spend time with my brothers and amber [amber is my brother's new girlfriend for those who don't know. i have already done a good amount of this, and it's been good].
5. get back on a regular schedule for spending time with God.
6. get a job.
7. go on a boy fast [this involves no flirting, except when unavoidable, which i believe can be the case sometimes, without being rude, or i just don't know how to politely not flirt with a guy when he is flirting with you. anway, it also involves not going out of my way to talk to a guy, which i know should be the case all the time, but who are we kidding? i know no girls who ever succeeded at this all the time, least of all me. i think the girls will all agree this fast is much-needed].
8. get a tan [in progress].
9. make new friends.
10. go to cornerstone.
11. be more outgoing and less self conscious about it.
12. always be reading a book, at least a little bit a day [i have already read two].
13. read the newspaper [i just made this up, but i should really know more about what is going on in the world/ our country. which shouldn't be hard, because at the moment, i know very little about any of this].
14. love everyone [so, so hard].

i'm sure there are many more, but this is all i can think of for the moment, and so far i've gotten a pretty good start to it.

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