Tuesday, September 22, 2009


yes, yes, it's been a while. i know. i just never really had anything to say.

but now i do.

today was a horrible and a great day at the same time, i'm not really sure how. first, i set my alarm for 7 so i could get to my 8 am class on time. while i was getting ready, i checked my email and discovered this class was not 8am -10am, but from 8PM-10PM!!! that is when crusade is, and altogether just a horrible time for a class. needless to say, i was very distraught. this kind of tainted my whole day, my classes from 12-4 and then my work from 4-6. but while i was in the uu waiting for work (i got out of my other class early) and trying not to cry at my great misfortune in public (i'm tired and a cryer by nature, cut me some slack), i was listening to my ipod and a great song came on. "mighty to save" is an amazing song, and this is what it says: "Savior, He can move the mountains, my God is mighty to save". well then i thought, if God can move the mountains, i'm pretty sure he is able to deal with my silly problems and move my class, or maybe he has a greater purpose and i should just stay in this class. i felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders, and i felt soo much better after that. i am going to try to crash a few classes, but if that doesn't work out, i'm not going to worry about it. i have been lately learning that God cannot and will not be put in a box, and that crusade is not the only way to worship Him.

this quarter is going to be really busy for me, but i know that my God will get me through this. so i am feeling a lot better about everything now, and am ready to get in my pj's, watch an episode of how i met your mother (which is my new favorite show), and then go to bed.

ps. today is my half birthday! i just felt like it was worth mentioning.


Stephanie Johnson said...

I like this... a lot. =) I am here for you too!

Caitlin said...

I love you and am so proud of you!! haha, that is such a mom thing to say, but really, you are taking the crusade thing really well. such a bummer, but you are so right. crusade is not the only way to worship him.