Monday, August 10, 2009

a few adventures.

i feel like this summer i've almost always been doing things and going places! i like that. here are a few things i have done:

1. the ventura county fair with my dad. he dared me to go on that high thing you jump out of and are only attached to a rope by your feet, but i just didn't feel like it.

2. magic mountain with my cousins. sean was freaking out about going on goliath, but in the end he said it was "the funnest thing i have ever done in my whole entire life ever!". so i counted it as successful.

3. the spanish festival in santa barbara with my dad and neille at 9:30 on friday night on a whim. there were tons of people, music, food, and those fun confetti eggs you throw on people. also i ordered these delicious taquitos from a cute guy at the booth and he didn't make me pay for them :)

4. skateboarding at 10 pm in the streets. no one is out past then, so i can be horrible and i know people aren't watching and judging me, and no cars will come run me over as i am lying in the street after eating it.

5. the x games with my dad, brothers, and paul's friend eric. this is where we got the skateboards used in point number four, and other free things. i got to watch guys doing cool tricks on their bikes and stuff, so it was fun, even if my attempts to woo shaun white were foiled because i didn't see him. i know he missed me.

6. my grandma's house. i go every week with my brothers to do some work around their house for them and it usually involves a little bit of work and a lot of food. it's been fun to get to hang out with my grandparents, and i know my grandma likes having us around.

i just love summer because random adventures are so easy to have since everyone is free! i'm sure there are others, but these are the ones i can think of for now. this may be my last summer at home, so i am having fun and soaking it all in.

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Ellen said...

it's sad that i see you all the time and yet i didn't really do any of these with you. unless you count the one time we went skateboarding for like 10 minutes and the one time we went to your grandmas. we definitely need to fit in a lot of hanging out time when you get back! miss you!