Tuesday, November 3, 2009

insignificant ramblings.

my mom is coming this weekend and i am so excited!!! we are hiking bishop's peak with my aunt and cousin... which should be interesting to say the least. i will probably be the one dying while my aunt forges ahead. my family can be a little intense sometimes. but it is going to be so great to just have a girls weekend with my mom to do some shopping and just have one on one time with her!

tomorrow my bible study is coming over to bake cookies and hang out, which will be fun, but now requires me to do an intense deep cleansing of our apartment tonight. it is really scary right now... so i might be up a little late!

also, last night i was sitting at my computer when something fell on my desk really loudly, and i screamed [are you really surprised?]. turns out it was just the fire sprinkler on my ceiling that came undone, but it scared the crap out of me.

okay, time to begin operation make the apartment semi presentable. wish me luck!!

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Bailey said...

Good luck with Bishops...I can't say I'm sad I'm not doing that with you.