Saturday, October 31, 2009


this week fooled me. i thought it would be easy and relaxing, but it quickly took a downward spiral into crazy and stressful. but that's the way it is sometimes. here are the things that got me through this week:

1. 2 pumpkin spice lattes from starbucks.
2. a good talk with emily on wednesday.
3. getting my tuesday class cancelled and going to crusade!
4. seeing hannah at crusade and getting entirely too shrill and excited about her engagement!
5. girl talk in the kitchen at my 3rd year bstud.
6. going to farmer's market with my freshman girls' bstud.
7. getting to carve pumpkins yesterday.
8. going to target with stephanie today, and then hanging out with her grandparents.
9. hearing that the jonas brothers are actually NOT breaking up.

tonight i am going to my bstud leader's halloween party, and dressing up as a traffic light. i only spent one dollar on my costume too! happy halloween!

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