Friday, September 30, 2011

an attempt to regulate my blogging.

i would like to eventually have at least one picture in all my posts, but this will not be the start of it.

this weekend i have to write two papers.
i went to the doctor and got a flu shot and diagnosed with psoriasis. my skin doesn't look as nasty as the pictures on google though, i promise.
this weekend james and i are just going relax and relish in the fact that we have nowhere to be. maybe we will go to the beach. maybe we won't.
my family went to disneyland without me yesterday.
i am officially in a 5th year girl's bible study and i am excited about it. i feel like this year God wants me to get out of my shell and reach out to people instead of waiting for friends to come to me. i am okay with this now.
school is good [say whattt??].
being married is awesome.
the weather is good.
things are good.
life is good.
God is great.


Ellen said...

you never told me about the psoriasis thing! we gotta chat when you get back from visiting james' family.

Bailey said...

You need to get on this blog, missy.