Monday, November 14, 2011

i'm out of touch.

hello from the dead! my excuses for not blogging are either that i have nothing to write about or too much to write about. the former was true for a while, and now the latter is true. so i'll try to keep this concise [ha].
  • this summer james and i decided i would graduate from cal poly this quarter and go back for my credential later. i was afraid to tell people this for fear that they would think i was copping out or tell me i am a failure. i am now trying to be honest and just tell people because i really do know this is the best decision for us at the moment. i am really excited to walk and have that diploma!
  • i have a potential job as a preschool teacher which would be so awesome! i am really hoping i get it.
  • this will be my first big holiday away from my family, which i am sad about, but it also means i get to spend thanksgiving with my husband [it's still weird sometimes] and his wonderful family, so for that i am extremely excited.
that's about all the big news for now... so i will end with some thankfulness since it's almost thanksgiving. i am thankful for the tiny apartment i share with my nice husband, figuring out marriage, knowing i do not have to be perfect [still working on that one], old friends who know me as well as they know themselves, girls' nights with new friends, target, and grace.

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