Wednesday, April 18, 2012

what we ate wednesday.

so my goal is to make every wednesday my "this is me attempting to cook" post.  on the weekends, i try to plan our meals for the week and go shopping.  sometimes, it happens.  sometimes, it doesn't.  i am hoping these posts will make me more motivated to stay on the planning/shopping/cooking routine more!  i didn't come from a "health nut" family, but my mom always made well-rounded meals.  i never cooked too much before i got married; it was hard for me to feel motivated when i thought it would be way easier and cheaper to go to taco bell rather than cooking  for only myself.  i honestly did not think i would enjoy it that much, cooking would just be a chore, but most nights it is very relaxing and fun.  also, i dare not take all the credit for the meals!  james helps a lot, and some nights when he feels inspired, he plans and makes meals for me.  he is definitely the more adventurous chef and is very good at mixing spices into things.  in fact, as i am writing he is cooking me dinner!  what a guy.

we don't cook tofu/no preservatives/no red meat healthy, but i try to use a lot of veggies and we are trying to start cutting out processed meats [sausage, hot dogs, etc... which for those who know me know i love me my hot dogs, but we still get chicken sausage].  some meals are involved, some are not [i'm pretty sure all of these ones fall under the "not involved" category].  some are pretty healthy, some are not.  this is just us doing our best and me trying my hand at the housewife thing.  so here we go!  what we ate wednesday:

 bread bowls with tomato soup/croutons, and artichokes.  we got the bread from boudin's in san fran so it was amazing!  the soup was just from trader joe's, though honestly i wasn't that crazy about it.  if anyone has a tomato soup they love, please share!

this one is kind of hard to see, but it's stir fried veggies and chicken in teriyaki sauce with rice.  we got the veggies pre-chopped from trader joe's!  love that place.

i don't think this goes together, but sloppy joe's and tomato, basil, and mozzarella salad.  i found the salad recipe on pinterest; it's super easy, fresh, and yummy. and it made me feel a little less guilty about the sloppy joe's ;)

and for dessert one night... blackberry cobbler from the one and only pioneer woman.  what would we do without her? probably starve.  we used a smaller pan so it was thicker and all the blackberries sank to the bottom, but it was still delicious!  and extremely easy.

so there you go, what we ate wednesday!  i will try to remember to take pictures this week!


Bailey said...

I like this idea! The salad looked really yummy, and you really made me miss Trader Joes.

Ellen McCrary said...

It sounds kind of lame but I really love the Progresso tomato soup. I actually had some tonight for dinner haha. Well it doesn't look like you've kept up with the "what we ate wednesday" thing, but I can't say I really blame you lol. Hope you do it again, it was fun.