Sunday, February 1, 2009


i know it's been a while, so i will give you a sparknotes version of my life since thanksgiving: finals, home with steph, disneyland, christmas happiness, guitar hero, best sandwich ever, family bonding, back to school, friends, school, evil teacher, sick, getting better, haircut, superbowl party.

i really love my new haircut. i was really scared, but i am glad i took the risk, because now my hair is healthy, i feel better about myself, it takes have the time to get ready in the morning, and i look older! i've already gotten lots of compliments too!

basically right now i am just enjoying life, loving my friends like crazy, and taking in God's amazing love. not too bad, if i do say so myself. my goal is to write at least once a week, maybe two. we'll see how well that works out.

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Stephanie Jeanne said...

love the sparknotes of your life =)