Monday, February 7, 2011


1. i got a B on my spanish test. booyah grandma.
2. i am OBSESSED with florence + the machine and their pandora station is wonderful.
3. my dad wrote the most ridiculous email to my family today about our annual camping trip to bridgeport.
4. i was playing around with windows movie maker and sped up a movie of james singing i saw the light so it is all fast and funny. haha.
5. mmm i love mint brownie ice cream! best.
6. Bible study was so good even though i definitely did not prepare for it enough. can you say jesus is awesome??!!
7. i get to hang out with james tomorrow during the day for a little bit in between classes! that's a nice surprise since we rarely see each other during the week and never in the middle of the day.
8. i have things to do but God has given me peace and shown me that my life is so so good and i am a very blessed little girl.
9. i think the count for weddings i am attending this year [march-september] has reached 5.
10. i love purple.
11. i am going to shave my legs now. i know you wanted to know that.

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Stephanie Johnson said...

I take credit for numbers 2 and 5 =)