Sunday, February 6, 2011


this was a wonderful weekend. unfortunately, the few pictures that were actually taken are with james. boo.

thursday night james and i drove down to good ole t.o. and stopped at in n out on the way [a must]. my friend neille stopped by for a sec and it was nice to see my family.

friday we stopped by neille's new place to see the remodel and then went to my mom's classroom to see her be a teacher. after that my mom took us to panera for lunch. yum. then we drove down to my grandparent's house where my dad was doing some work on their house. so we visited and worked and ate, which was great. i had to go to david's bridal to get fitted for a bridesmaid dress, so it felt good to get that out of the way. then we went to cheesecake factory with my mom, dad, and matthew. it was nice to have a family dinner. then james and i kidnapped matt and took him to lazer tag haha. i felt like a tween boy, but it was fun to be goofy and watch matthew enjoying having a date just for him.

saturday we drove down to james' parents' house to say hi and i went to a bridal shower for his cousin with his mom. this was total payback for james trying to learn all my crazy family. i met everyone his family knows and their mother [literally]. but it was fun with good food, and i won a game! saturday night we headed back to slo and i slept like a baby.

today we had church, found out my dad was coming up to drop off a coffee table for me, and then went to lunch with him. it was nice to see him again even if only for an hour. and my dad always enjoys a good road trip. then we watched the superbowl [insert a comment that makes it seem like i was interested in this] while i did my homework. i am now tired but happy and will be going to bed early to gain motivation to kick school in the butt this week.

shower time. peace.

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