Wednesday, February 2, 2011


today nothing momentous or bad happened but it just kind of ended up being not that great of a day and left me feeling sad and cranky. and i don't really know why. i don't really have anything important to say i guess i just felt the need to be transparent and prove that my life is not perfect [even though i'm sure no one thought is was haa].

i guess i shouldn't be that sad because my dad just booked our flights for maui for july. yayy.

okay hw and then shower and bedddd.


Stephanie Johnson said...

haha this is how I felt last night too! and everything bugged me when i got home from school... bleh

Ellen said...

i know this post is old but you know how i fail at anything blog related. just wondering what dates your maui trip was cuz you better not miss my bday missy!