Wednesday, December 7, 2011


on the day i finished college:
  • james and i had to get up early to take my car into get serviced.
  • i dropped james off at work then took his truck to the preschool, where i observed circle time.
  • i then went to school, got a starbucks water [the best water there is], and went to the library to finish a reflection paper, email it to the teacher, and study.
  • i went to my final and felt pretty good about it!
  • i got out a very happy college grad!
  • i had to go on a hunt for grad tickets bc everyone and there mother wants to go to my graduation [literally]
  • i visited aunt karen and had a piece of cake from her office.
  • i then went to target to celebrate, got another starbucks water and a personal pizza, and then shopped for christmas wrapping paper, dinner stuff, and a yummy smelling christmas candle.
i am now at home cleaning, since i haven't cleaned since before finals week and making dinner, which i also haven't done in a while.

the worst is over and i feel so relieved to finally be done with college!! now i can think about fun things and we can get our christmas tree on sunday!

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