Saturday, December 3, 2011

the one where i don't want to study.

i only have to have a good attitude about school for 4 more days. gracias a dios. in the meantime, i am going to make a list of everything i want to do after i finish my finals:

1. finish my yarn wreath/learn how to make felt rosettes.
2. visit with stephanie!
3. go on a nice date with james.
4. see breaking dawn [again...] at the drive-in with olivia.
5. find a cute holiday dress.
6. get a christmas tree/decorations.
7. finish christmas shopping.
8. clean out all the boxes i have yet to unpack from under the bed/next to the couch.
9. work at the preschool [i kind of got a job there!!!]!
10. save up/ plan for italy [fall of 2012??]!
11. learn how to cook/bake better/ be a better housewife in general.
12. join a gym.
13. visit caitlin and bailey in oakdale!!!!!
14. finally join pinterest.

okay i think that's it. all of these things sound infintely more wonderful than studying/writing papers which is what i have to do now. but, in four days, i will be free. FREEEEEEE.

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Ellen said...

I have a lot of similar things on my to do list. And I know you've already done some of these (or at least worked on them) so good job! I hope I get to see you this weekend. Call me!

P.S. I like the title à la Friends.
P.P.S. The characters I have to type in order to post this comment are upfck, which seems very funny to me haha!