Sunday, January 29, 2012

warm weather girl.

this weekend was glorious! if i could have every day be 80* and sunny, i would.

on friday, i went to santa barbara with ellen and we both shopped til we dropped. unfortunately, this is one of two pictures i took that day [and they're basically the same thing]. boo. but it was wonderful to see ellen and buy mint pants... as the sales guy at forever 21 told us, mint is going to be "soo in" this spring.

on saturday, i had coffee with a new friend, went to the store with james, did laundry, and cleaned the apartment a little. in between loads of laundry, i tried a little art project i saw on pinterest [aka my new love]. i hot glued crayons to a canvas and then used my blow dryer to melt them. a word for the wise... do this outside, otherwise you MAY end up getting splotches of melted crayon stuck to your already irreparably-messed up floor and then you will have to blowdry those re-dried bits of crayon off your floor and be frantically wiping on your knees for ten minutes. just a tip. i am pretty happy with how it turned out though; it makes the spot above our sink brighter and it makes doing dishes more enjoyable!

on sunday after church, james and i drove out to shell beach to have lunch at a burger place called garland's, which was really good. we ate at a park overlooking the beach, and it just reminded me how much i want summer to be here! on our way back, we passed a cute looking second-hand store with lots of knick-knacks and furniture... so naturally i yelled for james to pull over and like the nice husband he is, he did. and that is where we found this little beauty! we are both really happy with how it brightens up our little apartment [probably me more than him]. i love being creative and seeing creative things, but it is not always something that comes naturally for me. i've been trying more to really be keeping my eyes out for crafts or cute things for our apartment, so i have to say i am kind of proud of myself. haha.

this weekend went by pretty fast, but i feel rested and ready to get back to my preschoolers [more on them later]!


Bailey said...

I love the mirror! So cute.

Ellen McCrary said...

I not only suck at writing in my blog but I also apparently suck at reading other people's. It was really great hanging out with you last month and although we never got a pic of us that one of the stairs is cute. Too bad those stairs smelled like sewer.

Also, that crayon thing is so awesome! I saw it before I read what you wrote and I was like, did Laura and James go to an art museum? And I am in love with that mirror. So jealous!