Thursday, February 2, 2012

things a preschool teacher says

in no particular order:

1. "where are/is your shoes/socks/ blanket/ jacket/toy?"
2. "both feet on the ground!"
3. "no roaring, remember it scares some people" [yes, a little girl in my class cries every time someone roars, which is surprisingly often].
4. "let's go potty now so you won't have an accident later"
5. "did your mom pack you extra undies?"
6. "we won't go to the playground till you pick up your toys"
7. "grab a ring!" [they have a rope with a bunch of rings on it for kids to hold when we leave the classroom].
8. "who's the line leader?"
9. "that's the other school's garden, don't pick things from it please"
10. "let's save the cookies/ cake/ sweet stuff for after nap"

1 comment:

Ellen McCrary said...

This is funny! I wish I could visit your preschool. I'll definitely visit your future elementary school class one day!!! =)