Tuesday, February 7, 2012

good days.

lately things have been normal. we like normal for short periods of time ;) i am thankful for:

  • james coming back from his conference after a night away and bringing in n out [he knows the way to my heart].
  • tea with honey and lemon. because of my preschoolers we have both been a little under the weather and have been drinking tea like it's going out of style.
  • a friday off for us to go on a date to cambria.
  • skype dates with bailey.
  • my husband! it's like having your best friend around ALL the time [actually, that is what it is] and it is awesome!
  • my job. it may not be where i see myself in 10 years [or even five, or three or...] but i have fallen head over heels for these kids. i get to spend the day getting to know and shape these humans... that is a pretty awesome thing.

alright, it's time for us to watch alcatraz [a little scary, but also very interesting... made by the same guy who did lost. i recommend it]!

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