Saturday, March 7, 2009


i wish things were black and white. this is definitely wrong, this is definitely right. this is bad, this is good. this is black, this is white.

there is hardly anything in my life with a definite answer. and that is really frustrating. a lot of the time, other people are affected by my indecisiveness, not just myself. and that sucks.

grey isn't even a pretty color! black and white are classy, why do you need another neutral color added to it? it doesn't know if it wants to be light or dark.

but i think i know why there is grey in life. because if everything was simple, black and white, you wouldn't need to ask God to help you make the decisions. and maybe if we had listened sooner, grey wouldn't have been such a problem. because God would have told me what to do. i just never asked.

as it is, i will be hopefully doing a lot more consulting with God in all of my decisions before i go around making decions on my own, because clearly things go wrong when i try to figure things out for myself.

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