Tuesday, March 3, 2009

hot n cold

so, i'm not a huge fan of katy perry, but her song "hot n cold" is just so catchy!
i bought it about an hour ago and have already listened to it 14 times. pathetic? probably. but anyway, the lyrics talk about a guy who doesn't know what he wants and is hot and then cold, yes and then no, in and out, up and down, wrong when it's right, black when it's white... etc.

and guys can totally be like this, and i have a friend who was in a situation like this recently. but girls are exactly the same way! i am so fickle, it is not even funny. i want to wear an outfit, and then five minutes later i change it. i really like this guy, and then a few minutes later i can't stand him (this is not a specific guy, it's just how all of my crushes are). i want something for dinner, and then after i make it i want something else. my friends all know this about me, but i am just not good at sticking with my decisions.

in bible study last night, we were talking about king xerxes (who married esther), and how he and haman (xerxes' right hand man) both based decisions on their emotions, which are subject to change at any second. they are not the only ones guilty of this. i need to bring ALL of my desicions to god, not just the "important ones". so through this catchy song written by a girl who "kissed a girl and liked it", there is actually a pretty good moral.

guess we all "change our minds like a girl changes clothes".

and now i have listened to this song 17 times. i need to stop the madness.

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