Monday, March 23, 2009

a much needed break

i am finally done with winter quarter!! this one was hard for me, emotionally and academically, but it really helped me to rely on God even more. he totally helped me get through everything. my last final was done on friday at 4, and right after i got out, my friend tim drove steph and me home. we had a great drive involving rocking out to music, in n' out, and dr. pepper. when we got to my house, tim and steph came to dinner with my family and me, which was really fun. then i hung out with my family a little bit before i fell asleep on the ground in the living room (i stayed up all night on thursday night finishing work, so i was exhausted!).

saturday was nice and relaxing, i just went grocery shopping and hung out with my family. sunday was my birthday! i am now officially 20 years old. it's weird, but in a good way. i got lots of calls and texts and facebook comments, so i felt very loved. i went to church and got to see all my family at bethany, which was really nice, then we went out to lunch at topper's, my favorite pizza place. then we went to my grandparent's house, which was really fun. my grandma made angel food cake with whipped cream and strawberries, so i'm not really sure how much closer to heaven i could have gotten, because it was amazing. my brother paul is in photo class, so we had to do a few photo shoots for that, which was fun. then at night i just kind of hung out. tonight my mom is making me my birthday dinner, because last night paul wasn't home.

this week i am filling in at my friend's parent's business as a receptionist, so i'm here from 8:30-12:30 every day, and it's pretty slow, so i'm just going on facebook, writing on my blog, and catching up on private practice and grey's anatomy. sounds like a good job to me. tomorrow, i'm not working, though because my mom is taking the day off and we are going shopping, which will be really fun.

i am really glad it's break. as much as i love being at school, i really need a break to get away from all the drama and stress in my life and just have a week to relax and catch up with my friends from home. it'll be really good for me to focus on God, and just listen to him and what he wants me to do about all the decisions i have to make. well, now i am off to watch private practice. i love this job!

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