Monday, January 31, 2011


life lately has been so good. i can only attribute it to God's grace and faithfulness in my life even when i completely do not deserve any of the blessings he gives me.

here are some things on my mind [not all good, but mostly]:
1. in love with the Bible study i lead and the girls in it.
2. newly obsessed with florence and the machine [thanks steph].
3. worried about my grandpa.
4. excited to see my family this weekend.
5. feeling good about school for once.
6. happy for dan and emily.
7. loving james and the pace our relationship is going.
8. expanding horizons and enjoying thai and chinese food [i never did before james].
9. writing in my prayer journal with purple pen is my therapy.
10. had a bad hair day today.
11. interested in pablo neruda [chileno poet].
12. anxious to get my geography test back tomorrow [the good kind of anxious].
13. surrounded by weddings [getting measured for a bridesmaid dress on friday].
14. reveling in God's grace.

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