Sunday, March 6, 2011


my brother paul turned 19 on saturday. since he's up in chico, i didn't get to see him but i think he had a good time with his friends. here are some fun facts about paul:
1. he likes to pretend he is cool and tough by doing things like piercing his lip and wearing my pants.
2. but i know that he is a real softy.
3. his favorite color is green.
4. he cried at toy story 3.
5. he likes doing things that often get him hurt.
6. i can usually read his mind.
7. he is a horrible writer.
8. but he is great at math.
9. he doesn't know what he wants to do with his life.
10. he is good at photography.
11. he is a good person to cry to.
12. he eats soo much but is still as skinny as a stick.
13. he spits on the carpet in his room when he gets mad.
14. he is turning into a great young man and listening to God's will for his life.
15. i know he'll be just fine.

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