Wednesday, March 9, 2011


today i was sitting in the booth feeling sorry for myself because my hair is atrocious [really, at any minute it might attack] and i am tired [i know, i'm a peach], when a girl came through for a parking pass. she took forever to write her check and i just wanted her to leave. as she handed me her check, she said, "this may seem weird but everyday you always have the cutest clothes and i just love your shirt!" needless to say, i instantly felt sorry for wanting her to leave but it totally made my day! i truly have no idea how she thinks all my clothes are cute because i usually grab the first thing i see in the morning and throw it on without a second thought. even though that was not a big thing, her words really made my day so much better. and i saw on her check that her name is laura! proof that all lauras are awesome human beings. so thank you, other laura. you officially made my day.

now go say something nice to someone. you never know how much words can impact someone.

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