Sunday, March 27, 2011

some news.

i am engaged!!!

ahh i am basically just floating around and it feels so surreal and i am so happy right now. okay so here is how it happened:

james and i were at my parents' house for the weekend and we left today after church. as we got closer to san luis obispo, james turned off on the pismo beach exit. i had been wanting to go the beach for a while so we just walked around for a while and talked and took pictures. i dug for sand crabs and my hands were super sandy and nasty and cold, so james let me wipe my hands on his jeans. he is nice. and then we walked to the other side of the pier where there was a swirly slide. he told me i should go down the slide but i said it looked nasty and germ-infested, so i didn't want to go on it. when he agreed that it was a bad idea, i decided i wanted to go on it [duhh]. so i climbed up and slid down. when i got to the bottom, james was there at the bottom of the slide on one knee with the most amazing piece of bling i have ever seen. and then of course he asked me to marry him, and obviously i said yes! after i picked my jaw up from off the floor and my heart stopped pounding of course.

*caution: very cheesy things follow this warning. do not read if you have sensitive gag reflexes.*

james is so amazing and through dating him i have learned so much about life, love, relationships, myself, and God. i know God has totally been preparing each of our hearts for this since before we had even met and i feel so blessed and honored to know that i am going to be married to my best friend and someone who accepts me for all my weirdness as i am.

a few pictures:

the best we got together... lame i know.

mah bling. so simple and perfect.

a close-up

well put.


Anonymous said...

I'm sooo happy for you Laura!! And it wasn't too cheesy at all. God was totally preparing and guiding u both for this. :) yay so exciting!

Rachel Dulaney said...

yay yay yay!! so exciting laura! and yes, agreed with bre, not too cheesy at all :) just super sweet and cute! congratulations girlie

James said...

Photo Credit: 2,3,4

judith c said...

That's so exciting! Congratulations.

Ellen said...

totally forgot to comment on this yesterday. i just want to tell you that i think you are a really great person and friend and you totally deserve to have every minute of your engagement, wedding, marriage, and life to be absolutely wonderful. i know you'll be extremely happy with james and that makes me happy too =)

love you!! <3