Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 in review.

what happened last year?

i worked at backstage pizza, was reunited with caitlin and bailey after their return from europe, slugged through school, was continuing getting to know my new boyfriend, had a non-valentine's day the day before feb 14, went to el salvador, turned 21 there, visited an orphanage, made new friends, called my grandma every week, saw lady antebellum in concert, quit backstage again, got a job at the info booth, was on summer break, attended hannah's wedding, went to summer school, lived with my aunt for 2 weeks and became closer with her, moved into my new apartment, slept on the top bunk, stayed up too late talking with emily every night, got our door banged on by a drunk guy, went camping with james and my family in bridgeport, spent fourth of july with james and the twins at the wesley hose, saw fireworks in cayucos, saw keith urban in concert, worked at the info booth so much it felt like i lived there, went to jenn's wedding, went to costa rica, sent paul off to college, went to another wedding, fell in love, went to disneyland with my family and james minus paul, started my senior year of college, celebrated james' 23rd birthday, visited james' family, saw harry potter 6, drove to san fran with my brothers for thanksgiving, bought my first big joint purchase with james [a camera], celebrated christmas with my family, went to hume, attended whitney's wedding reception, spent new year's eve with my boy.

2010 was hard and wonderful. i cried a lot, felt lonely, learned so much more about the Lord, got to know myself better, grew closer to people, felt so loved, and just lived life.

welcome, 2011. i know you have plenty of surprises in store for me.

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