Saturday, January 8, 2011


alright peeps, here are some pictures from my life lately and my new beautiful camera who is my new love.

 with matthew and his new baby, a banjo he names benny and crammed in the already burtsing-at-the-seams car for a 6 hour drive. i sat with benny in my lap for a good portion of the drive, but i'm not bitter...

2. vintage ornaments that were my mom's grandma's.

3. some of the cousins at christmas in our new sweatshirts/scarves.

4. paul doing what he does... in the snow at hume.

5. james on a photoshoot we had trying to figure out how to use the camera. what a model he is.

6. my mom came to visit the other day and we had dinner. i have such a wonderful mom!

7. bailey ruining an otherwise cute picture of steph and me on girl's night at klondikes.

there you have it! my recent life in pictures. i plan to post more pictures now that i have cameron... don't hold me to it though ;)


Stephanie Johnson said...

stupid peanuts.

Anonymous said...

I love bailey in that picture!

Ellen said...

it's so sad that we never have pictures together anymore because we never get to see each other! =(
we must go on that road trip just so we can take a million pictures!