Monday, October 5, 2009

exciting things.

so this year has just been so stinking cool. i am still not very good at taking time out of my schedule to have quiet time to be alone with God, but i find it so amazing that despite that, i have been feeling so close to God lately, starting in the summer. He is always on my mind, and He is really teaching me to be joyful even when i am not happy (such as washing the dishes or doing salad bar duty at work). God is constantly teaching me things this year, and it has just been so awesome!!! i feel like last year, i was really trying to be close to God, but i just didn't feel close to Him. the problem was that i was relying on myself, not God,to bring me closer to Him. but starting this summer, God has just been really revealing things to me, and it's been awesome. it still blows my mind that a little imperfect dorky being like me can have a personal relationship with the Creator of the entire stinking universe! so basically, i am in a place of reverence and awe right now, and just loving how God really works in unexpected and beautiful ways.

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