Tuesday, October 13, 2009

a moment to complain.

today it was raining like crazy. maybe not for someone who lives in seattle, but i live in california, where it is warm and sunny and exactly how i like it.

this is not how i like it.

i do not like having the water seep through my uggs after two minutes of walking to class.

i do not like sitting in class with sopping wet jeans.

i do not like having an umbrella that does not even cover my backpack, and flips inside out every three seconds.

i do not like having wrinkly toes from walking around in my wet boots for four hours.

i do not like having frizzy hair from the rain and my hood.

but things did happen today that i liked.

i liked the carmel apple spice i had today from starbucks, and that i had a giftcard to pay for it.

i liked that i understood math today.

i liked getting to sit in the uu during my break and reading an amazing book called water for elephants.

i liked getting home and replacing my wet clothes with slippers and sweatpants.

i like that for each sucky moment in life, God gives us a million blessings to praise him for.

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Bailey said...

I love this, and I love that you are finally reading that book!