Monday, October 19, 2009

fall retreat babyyy

fall retreat was awesome!! i drove up with my co-leader for bstud, megan, a girl in our bstud, megan, and a girl from another bstud, megan. i felt very left out, not being named megan myself. but the rides up and back were so fun, and we had some great conversations and listened to some awesome girl music, including beyonce, cascada, and taylor swift.

i got to see my family for a few hours during free time, which was really nice, and then i got to hang out with everyone on the lawn watching kajabe. i missed the junior girls round, which was sad, but probably good because i need to work on being less competetive.

on saturday night we had the "high school stereotypes" dance, where juniors had to dress emo, goth, or skater. it was sooo fun and i found that i don't look half bad as an emo kid. my nails are still black. i had a blast dancing with my friends and just making an utter fool of myself, because i can't dance.

the speaker was soooo good. darren mcwaters used to be a speaker at hume, and we were really blessed to have him. i loved that he didn't sugar coat things, which i definitely needed. on sunday morning before we all left, we took communion and had worship, and that was probably my favorite part. darren talked about how we sometimes think of communion as a thing we do once a month at church and don't give it much thought past that, which is totally true of me. he talked about thinking about how peter, john, or any of those guys would have felt in the upper room taking communion, they defintely wouldn't have been thinking about how they still have a lot of emo eyeliner stuck on their faces, or what they were going to eat for lunch. so it was very convicting, and a super sweet time of worship.

that is a very quick version of my weekend, but i had a great time worshipping, fellowshipping, dancing (aka flailing about like a fool), and being away from slo for a bit.


Bailey said...

That sounds like so much fun!!

Stephanie Johnson said...

I really like this post... I love seeing how entertaining my friends are as writers. This includes you too Bailey and Caitlin! =) Love you Laura! We need to have a coffee date cause I never see you even though we share a bedroom wall...