Wednesday, October 7, 2009

thoughts before bed.

1. my mom sent me a halloween package that was great. i was really in need of chocolate (it's just one of those days)and lo and behold, my mother pulled through like always and sent me reeses (my absolute fave). needless to say, i've already eaten four. she also sent me some glow in the dark bracelets and bats (go figure. dollar bin at target is my mom's weapon of choice) that will be great for the glow in the dark party on friday for upper classmen only!!! yes i am an upperclassman!! weird. i am going to tie some string to a bat somehow and make a necklace out of it. it's gonna be awesome. and my room smells like peanut butter. i love my mom!

2. i am meeting tomorrow with one of the girls in my freshman study for lunch. her name is megan and she is really sweet. i am really excited to get to know her better!

3. i have been really busy this quarter, and my heart is starting to do that thing it does when i get stressed, which is start racing when i am just sitting at my desk. in the midst of all the stress though, God is really showing himself to me, and keeping me fairly calm. this is good.

4. i am tired. i am going to bed now.

5. i feel like i do lists a lot. i think i like them.

6. i miss caitlin and bailey.


Bailey said...

I miss you too! And is there any way you could send me one of those reeses??

Stephanie Johnson said...

haha we will cram one in... =)

laura said...

haha definitely :)