Friday, October 30, 2009

i don't want to do my math hw.

so i will write first.

i am leading a freshmen girls' bible study with megan irene in north mountain this year. it is absolutely like nothing i imagined it was going to be. but it is soo good. we now have three girls, which we are super excited about, and they are all amazing, and i have been so enjoying getting to know them.

last night, we went to farmer's with the guys' north mountain bible study, and it was great. since it's right before halloween, there a bunch of kids running around in costumes. melt my heart. and there were a bunch of people who dressed up creepy with a bunch of fake blood, and the girls in my study decided i would protect them (though they are wayy taller than me), and clung to me as the bloody people passed us on either side. it was so cute, i felt special! it was really nice to get to just hang out with them outside of study. add to it a dozen of little hot donut things for 3 dollars (we all shared, i did not eat them all. though i easily could have), running into a friend, and the crisp fall air, and you have perfection.

it really got me in the fall mood, right until megan dropped me off at my 8pm class. oh well. life goes on. this weekend is going to be great, involving a target run, catching up on hw, a halloween party (where i am dressing up as a stoplight), church, and family dinner at my aunts'. happy fall!

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