Monday, November 29, 2010

the bruington building coincidence.


let me start first with the fact that my mother's father [my grandpa] was a contractor and he built a building about 3.2 minutes from my house. whenever i drive by it, it makes me a little happy. he died when i was 14, and i never knew him very well. when i look back, i don't miss him, but i do wish i had more opportunities to know him. i'm such a different person than i was 7 years ago and i wish he could see that. anyway, i enjoy driving by his building, it makes me feel somehow connected to him, which i know is weird, but oh well.


on sunday james and i were rear ended by a lady who was driving and zoning out. she didn't even try to brake, leaving james' bumper looking like the sagging pants of all the boys who were in 7th grade with me. why that was ever a popular look is beyond me. anyway, i feel really awful for the lady, who was working all morning at the diner, so she was exhausted. the accident has left me with an ever-constant headache. loud noises and even a slight breeze that could jostle me suck. also, my back hurts worse than it usually does. i guess this is good because now james is forcing me to go the chiropractor, which i frankly should have done a long time ago.

but we looked up chiropractors here, and lo and behold, guess where the chiropractor i am going to is?? yup! my grandpa's building. awesome. okay, it's silly. but i don't care, i am excited. i am also really excited to go to the chiropractor, i feel like it will really help my back and hopefully take away the pain i've been having since high school.

okay, this was long and probably pointless, but i am glad to get to go into the building my grandpa designed and to get my janky back fixed.

now back to listening to christmas music [quietly].

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Ellen said...

the title of this post sounds like the title of an episode of the big bang theory.