Sunday, November 7, 2010

fuscia tights

so lately i have felt like not too much is going right in my life. i've felt stressed out and, as most people around me this past week can vouch for, i've been a beezy. i've tried and tried to give my stress up to the Lord, but i just felt like it wasn't working. maybe God just had too many other people to deal with. maybe my problems were too big. maybe i was stupid. well the last one might be true, but the other night i realized that if we are not honest with the Lord, how can he fix what we don't tell him about? so i basically verbal vomited and spewed out everything i was worrying about to the Lord. and guess what??? it felt like a huge weight lifted off my chest. obviously things don't get fixed right away, but i feel like the Lord really helped me give all my problems to him, and he has helped me trust in him with everything. life will always be stressful, but i know He will help me get through it even when it feels like everything is falling apart [ps. i have a slight tendency to be dramatic sometimes...].

so i guess that is what has been on my mind lately, and i promise to write more this week!

also: the title has nothing to do with anything, except that they are my favorite item of clothing and i am currently wearing them even though james insists they are too "loud".

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