Sunday, November 21, 2010

observations from the weekend.

harry potter was awesome. it was everything i had hoped it would be. i am so glad that they are making two movies out of the last book. they included everything important, and the movie stayed extremely true to the book. it left me excited for the last movie, but satisfied with what i had seen. can't wait for july!

couples who are super pda in coffee shops [and everywhere else] make me uncomfortable. they are awkward and inconsiderate of other people. they make me feel like a third wheel even though i have a boyfriend and usually i do not even know these extremely affectionate people or come into direct contact with them. if i ever become one of these people, you have my permission to smack me.

school is not something i enjoy, but i just need to stay focused on the goal and what i want out of this. i want to be a teacher. i am so going to enjoy decorating my classroom, collaborating with others who love kids as well, and getting to know my students and helping them succeed. that is what i need to keep in mind as i am feeling stressed and discouraged with all my work that can sometimes feel overwhelming. i am doing this for a reason, so i can become the person God wants me to be and fulfill his plans for my life.

for now, i am warm and sitting by a fire writing a paper. my brothers are coming on wednesday to drive to my cousins' house for thanksgiving. i will get to eat mashed potatoes and bread rolls, visit with my grandparents, and hug my mom. these are the things that are keeping me going.

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